10 Top Tips for Changing your Environment during Coronavirus Times

Posted by Ros Jones
on 25th April 2020

Our environment has a massive impact on us – our mood, how we think and feel, how we behave, the decisions we make and the actions we take.

If you’re stuck at home during this Coronavirus Time, trying to work, home school and get to the supermarket, you might think that there’s not much you can do right now about your environment. Here are my ten tips for changing your environment if you’re stuck at home during Coronavirus Time:

  1. Get your head in the right place each morning. If you have a houseful, get up an hour earlier to enjoy some peaceful time. Follow Hal Elrod’s “Life SAVERS” model as described in his amazing book ‘The Miracle Morning’. This book changed my life and is the book of the month for our Business BookCLUB.
  2. Use technology to associate with different people to ensure you have positive people to speak to. You can track them down on social media and speak with them on the telephone or via a virtual meeting. Check out The Business Wellbeing Club networking events for people with abundant mindsets who want to make a real difference in business.
  3. Take this time to learn new skills that will enable you to do different things and to think differently about yourself. Imagine someone asking you if you learned anything during Coronavirus Time and you said, “Yay! I learned to speak Arabic!” – for example …
  4. Read (even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day): try biographies of successful people or anything that’s Good Quality. (Remember garbage in, garbage out!)
  5. Turn off your phone – even if it’s just for an hour every day.
  6. Turn off the News as much as you can.
  7. If necessary, take this time to reprogramme any early negative conditioning. Try affirmations (see point 1 above) or even, if you need some help, speak to a therapist. You’ll find them online in these times.
  8. Get out in Nature. Not everyone can do this right now, but do it if you can. There’s no better influence on your mind than the natural environment of trees, blossoms, and birds. If necessary, go online to see images of Nature.
  9. Declutter and clean up your house.
  10. Look smart. OK, so we can’t get to the hairdresser or nail salon right now, but it’s important to continue caring for our appearance. And if you’re working from home, dress up in your work clothes every day. Do not appear in a Zoom meeting in your PJs!

Ros Jones

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