Episode 2 of our Podcast on Collaboration, with Katherine Bray Fitness Coach

Posted on 28th April 2020

Collaboration is vital for business success

In Episode 2 of The Business Wellbeing Club podcast show, I was joined by Katherine Bray, fitness coach. Our conversation took place in that time Before Coronavirus at a time when Katherine had just expanded her business by buying a gym in addition to being a personal trainer who visited her clients in their homes. In our conversation Katherine said that to be successful in business, collaboration is vital, collaboration means a mutual win win and we grow as a result of using each other’s services. And even when the Coronavirus outbreak meant that gyms had to close down, I’ve been delighted to see that Katherine has pivoted her business so she can deliver personal training online while people are in lockdown. And in this new virtual world, she continues to collaborate with other wellbeing businesses to help deliver more than just her own service to her audience and promote a holistic approach to wellbeing. Collaboration leads not just to win win but to the more, the more. I hope you enjoy our show!

You can find out more about Katherine here.


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