9 Critical Things You Need To Do NOW To Re-Open Your Business

Posted by Ros Jones
on 5th June 2020

At last COVID-19 restrictions are easing and people are starting to think about how they can re-open their business. However, there’s a danger that, like in a race before the green flag drops and everyone makes a mad dash for it, accidents could happen. So I put together a webinar to share 9 “must-dos” to help businesses get going again … safely.

Re-opening will be like opening your business for the first time. We need to re-think, re-invent and then re-open. There is no old way of doing things now – just the new. There’s no way of going back to what we thought of as “normal”. Everything has to be rethought.

The 9 critical things are:

  1. re-educate and prepare
  2. rebuild your team
  3. deals to get your customers back
  4. re-opening announcements
  5. re-do your celebration
  6. re-run your numbers
  7. re-think your marketing and sales
  8. re-thank everybody
  9. re-write your plan

You can listen to the webinar here.


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