Do you really need to recruit?

Posted by The Business Wellbeing Club
on 2nd June 2020

Each of The Business Wellbeing Club’s business networking meetings with a difference includes a 30 minute learning session.

At our last meeting, one of our members, Lisa Betsworth of Slice Solutions got us to really look at how we use our time.

So often we hear people in business complaining they’ve got too much on, they’re drowning in work, there aren’t enough hours in the day and so on and so on. The automatic thought might be that you need to recruit a new person to your team. However, Lisa then shared with us a process she goes through with her business clients to help them take a reality check before making that decision.

We need to track what’s currently being done, and work out from that what needs to be stopped and what could be delegated to an existing employee or outsourced to an external specialist or whether indeed a person needs to be recruited to do that task.

Before the final decision can be made objectively, Lisa took us through her Customer Journey Document which maps out precisely how the task needs to be done, automating wherever possible to achieve consistent and efficient delivery every time. After that you get a really clear idea which option is the right option for your business. That’s recruitment with integrity for sure!

You can join us for our next learning session when we meet at 3.30pm on Tuesday, 9th June.


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