Now’s the time for The Business Wellbeing Club – 14 seconds to decide

Posted by Ros Jones
on 12th April 2020

In 14 seconds you’re going to decide whether you’ll absolutely hate what I’m about to show you, or absolutely love it.

And you’ll know by answering this question:

Are you using this self-isolation time to:

  1. Moan and get angry that your business has been affected
  2. Think how you can make you and your business better

14 seconds are up.

So, which one are you, A, or B?

If you’re ‘A’, then you’re going to hate this and I advise you go back to checking Facebook and allow yourself to wallow for a bit. You probably need it.

But, if you’re ‘B’, then welcome, I’m glad you’re reading this, because you’ve just stumbled upon something that could really work for you right now.


 The Business Wellbeing Club

A networking club with training opportunities on how to grow yourself as a person and as a business.

Now, allow me to tell you why…

The Business Wellbeing Club (BWC) is something I developed before Coronavirus, a year after I had the “penny drop” moment.

See, I realised there was a secret to being content and happy in business.

(Notice I didn’t say “successful” or “rich”)

That secret is something I’ve uncovered through my years of working as a business coach for almost every type of business you can imagine.

And the secret?

Irrespective of size or salary, the business owners who were the most content and happy were the ones who prioritised their mental, physical and emotional health.

More specifically?

The ones who regularly practised CPD, exercised and surrounded themselves with good people who made them feel GOOD.

And I know that personally, because after years of totally neglecting all of that, and only concentrating on being “successful” and “rich”, I realised I was so unhappy.

And I realised that the business owners I was working with were mostly the same as me: Overworking and not looking after themselves.

One hadn’t taken a holiday for more than a week in the twenty years he’d been in business, another was working 16-hour days 7 days a week. Just like me. And their personal lives were completely out of balance – just like mine.

The penny finally dropped for me one day when I was reading Stephen Covey’s interpretation of the Aesop fable, “The Goose and the Golden Egg” (see Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”).

There it was on the page!

If you don’t look after yourself, how can you grow a healthy business? The wellbeing of your business depends on the wellbeing of the business owner and his or her team.

Life is truly a mirror.

I became deeply interested in the whole arena of wellbeing and especially business wellbeing, rebranded myself as the “business wellbeing and growth coach”, and began to insist that my business owner clients include some conscious wellbeing practices in their everyday lives.

But that was in “normal” times…

Right now, in this time of lockdown, it’s even more important.

In the time after Coronavirus, the business world will be very different.

We need to understand that it will never go back to how it was before,

Many businesses will no longer be needed. Those that are will look different. We will operate much more online. We’ll continue social distancing.

We will need to learn new skills, new ways of leading, new ways of delivering, new ways of marketing and selling, new ways of looking after our customers.

The BWC was due to launch in March, but I had to stall that due to lockdown. Now, as a result of the lockdown and the impact on our lives and businesses, it feels that the BWC and all it stands for is needed more than ever, right now.

The BWC is for people in business who want to make a real difference to themselves so they can be content and happy within their business (whatever that might look like), and adapt with the times.

The BWC is a bringing together of the values I’ve learned are crucial for businesses to thrive.

It’s a business networking club based on collaboration, proactively supporting each other, knowing there’s enough for everyone, having a truly abundant mindset…all those wonderful qualities that let you know you’re in the right place when you find them.

Most of all, it’s about being willing to open your contacts list and introduce people to people who will be genuinely helpful to them for no other reason than just because you can.

There’s no kinder way of doing business than that and in these deeply, scarily uncertain economic days, there is no better time for this.

The BWC is also about learning.

If we want to pivot our business to survive after Coronavirus, if we want to grow our business and thrive, then we have to grow as people first and to grow we have to learn new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking. This is a critical time for this.

So, the BWC is a new kind of kinder way of doing business and it will provide easy access to training and learning and development opportunities relevant to everyone and every business sector. There are other variations of this model around for sure – after all, there is nothing new under the sun! But the BWC is unique in that:

(1) members share the same strong genuinely authentic values;

(2) introductions are guaranteed;

(3) you get to enrol on training programmes tailored to your role and your industry;

(4) you can get free business advice at every session.

I’m so excited to be able to share the BWC with you.

And, if you identified at the start of this as a ‘B’ type and you’re physically psyched about the prospect of the BWC, then you’re very much invited to our virtual launch party from 4.30 pm on Thursday, 16th April. This will be using Zoom and you’ll need to register in advance at–tpj4tr2wc0Mk5zf5p-gRlOJoqXQ . After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


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