Top Ten Tips for boosting your energy while stuck at home

Posted by Ros Jones
on 16th April 2020

You might be stuck at home day after day at this time. Motivation could be dropping, you can’t remember what day of the week it is, and you’re hauling yourself out of bed later and later every day, but – you still have to keep your business going.

Someone asked me today for ideas on how to keep energy levels up during this strangest of times. Here’s just ten ideas based on what works for me.

  1. Do what you love to do. If you’re struggling to get out of bed each day, listen to what that’s telling you. Are there things that need to be done in your business that you hate doing and you know you always will? Delegate or out-source! Give it to a member of your team or, if you don’t have a team, consider taking on a virtual assistant.
  2. Understand that your business is the vehicle for you to achieve what you want in your personal life. It’s not a job – that’s what you do when you work for someone else. Take some time to get real clarity on what you want in your personal life. Write down your meaningful and motivating personal goals and keep them where you can see them every day. That might sound a bit trite in these times but we all need a goal in order to keep us motivated even if it’s just a goal for today, if that’s as far ahead as you can see right now, or just surviving these times. Write it down!
  3. Be kind to yourself and know that this time could be a signal for slowing down a little (but not too much!). Even if you just stop what you’re doing once or twice a day to take some slow deep breaths, that’s a good start!
  4. Speak with people. It’s good to talk even if we can’t meet in person! Make the conscious effort to speak with a friend or family member you haven’t spoken with for a while.
  5. Exercise every day even if it’s just for 20 minutes: walking, running, cycling, yoga, Pilates. If you don’t know how to do your activity of choice, go online to join a virtual group. At the very least, get out of your chair and move around!
  6. If you’re not in self isolation and you can do it safely, get outside in Nature with some fresh air every day, even if it’s just while taking a walk around the block. If you can’t get out, stick your head out the window to listen to the birdsong that’s everywhere right now, watch a tree’s buds opening or watch the moon.
  7. Replace some of your endless tea and coffee with water. And eat good fresh food – fruit and veg are not expensive and there are many businesses who are willing to deliver to your door right now!
  8. Read or listen to a book for 30 minutes every day and expand your thinking.
  9. Take time to play! Remember a hobby you used to love and pick it up again – or find a new one.
  10. Make a pledge that you’ll find a way to have fun every day – no matter what!

Looking after yourself physically and emotionally builds your resilience too which is what we need right now. Keep safe and strong – and energised!


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