Watch your abundance grow!

Posted by Ros Jones
on 4th May 2020

“Watch your abundance grow” is one of the aims of The Business Wellbeing Club. So what does Abundance mean for you? Do you feel a lack of abundance or do you feel grateful for all the abundance you experience in all areas of your life?

It’s our mindset that will determine whether we experience lack (scarcity) or abundance. It’s true that what we focus on we get more of.

Someone with an abundant mindset is an optimist and is genuinely happy for others when they achieve success. In so doing they receive more of what they give out – a sense of wellbeing and completeness. On the other hand, those with a scarcity mentality are competitive and resent others’ successes and receive more of what they give out – a feeling of lack or not being enough.

The great thing is that we get to choose: abundance or scarcity!

Here are just 7 differences between those with a scarcity mentality and those with an abundance mentality:

1. Thinking big or thinking small

 People with an abundant mindset think big, while having a scarcity mindset puts limitations on the mind, grips you in fear, holds you back, stops you from dreaming up Big Hairy Audacious Goals (the “BHAGs” Jim Collins describes in his book “Good to Great”) and prevents you from shining your light for others.

2. Plenty for everyone or a lack

 Those with an abundant mentality believe there is enough of everything for everyone. Those with a scarcity mindset choose to believe the opposite: that there’s limited opportunities, resources, relationships, love and wealth. They consistently say “I can’t afford that … “. When you say that every day of course it just reinforces the belief and your reality – you get more of what you focus on.

3. Giving with the knowledge that you’ll receive, or hoarding?

People with an abundant mindset give every day with the confident knowledge that what they give out they will receive back. Abundance is a flow that must be circulated. This is a universal truth based on quantum physics. People with a scarcity mindset hold back and hoard like a dammed river.

4. Embracing change or fear of change?

A person with an abundant mindset understands that change is a vital part of life. We have to change in order to grow even though change can be challenging or difficult to navigate.

Those with a scarcity mindset find themselves paralysed by fear. They will spend time complaining about having to change and will resist it for as long as they can.

5. Proactive or reactive?

Those with an abundant mindset take a proactive approach to life. Rather than waiting for things to happen and then reacting like those with a scarcity mindset do, they strategically plan for the future and create strategies for the long-term.

6. Continuous learning or “I know”?

People with an abundant mentality crave learning because they know it leads to growth. They have a never-ending thirst for knowledge and developing new skills whereas scarcity mindsets believe they know everything already (“I’ve been in business 20 years – what can you teach me? kind of mentality). They severely limit their opportunities for growth.

7. What’s working rather than what’s not working

A person with a scarcity mindset chooses to think negative thoughts and adopts a victim mentality. The strong emotions they experience on a daily basis create stress in the body through a range of emotions such as anxiety, fear, worry, anger and resentment. Their negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs then create their reality through illnesses in the body leading to general poor health. They focus repeatedly on what’s not working.

Those with an abundance mindset are often visionaries and see the limitless possibilities in the world. They focus always on what IS working.

What gives me the right to describe these different mindsets? Reader, I once battled with that scarcity mindset myself! And let me assure you that it’s never too late to change the way we think. It’s just a choice!

We can choose to focus on scarcity and lack or we can believe in the endless possibilities that life has to offer and choose to live an abundant life with joy.

Then you can watch your abundance grow!

Ros Jones




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