Event Details

12th May 2020
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Introduction to Psychological Safety

Hosted by Lisa Betsworth
of Slice Solutions Ltd

Encouraging and enabling open communication

Now more than ever we need our people to be in a place where they feel comfortable speaking up. Psychological Safety is a mindset which encourages individuals to be more comfortable expressing themselves, thereby increasing creativity, innovation and productivity. This 90 minute online session will give you tips and pointers to consider for your workplace and an opportunity to share good practice to ensure that you are promoting an organisational culture really worth working for. We will also consider some key points and takeaways to get you prepared for after COVID-19.

More Information:

  • Session starts at 10.30am on Tuesday 12th May via Zoom. Please log in 10 mins early if you can, to get set up and have your webcam at the ready. We will be finished by 12 noon.
  • Bring your own refreshments.
  • Be ready to have fun while you learn! Webcam and microphone is a must.
  • Please make sure you have a pen and paper available during the session, we will need them for some of the activities.

Please feel free to take notes but we are more than happy to provide information afterwards if it would help you to enjoy the seminar more.