Data Protection Consultant

Samantha Dunwell

Dunwell Data Protection

Dunwell Data Protection are specialists in data protection and e-privacy law.  We provide support to the SME and charity sectors on these complex and ever evolving laws.  Our range of services includes:

  • answering your general data protection and e-privacy related questions;
  • assessing your compliance with data protection and e-privacy laws and providing advice and guidance on how to improve;
  • drafting privacy notices;
  • drafting consent statements,
  • advising on data sharing issues and drafting data sharing agreements;
  • advising on data processor issues and drafting data processor contracts;
  • advising on direct marketing related activities and compliance with e-Privacy laws
  • advising on cookie compliance for your website/apps
  • advising on the rights individuals have and dealing with requests received;
  • assessing compliance with and completing the NHS DSP Toolkit for businesses who process NHS patient data

Although our primary work is data protection, we also provide advice and support with your information governance and records management activities.

We also run training and workshops on data protection and e-privacy compliance which can be adapted to meet in-house training requirements.

We have also been privileged to be guest speakers on data protection and e-privacy laws at conferences, seminars and networking events.

We are based in North Yorkshire and predominantly provide our services to businesses and charities across the Yorkshire region.  We have over 15 years’ experience in the field of data protection, e-privacy and information governance.  We strongly believe data protection compliance is a journey a business goes on and is not just a destination to get to, and we can be part of that journey to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.