The club for people who want to make a real difference in business.


Meet new people.
Stretch your thinking.
Watch your abundance grow.


Do you want more FUN in your business and in your life?

Imagine a networking event where you KNEW you were going to receive a strong introduction at every meeting, where you knew you would leave feeling inspired, motivated and confident to take the next steps and you were given a whole range of affordable opportunities to learn new stuff for implementing straightaway into your life and your business.

Make business networking work for you.

The Business  Wellbeing Club helps business by actively putting other businesses in touch with the business it wants to help.

The Business Wellbeing Club is a new kind of business networking based on the belief that business exists to achieve optimal wellbeing.


Forget your competition and learn new ways for you and your business to soar.

You’ll want to be part of the Business Wellbeing Club if you:

  • Love meeting new people who will be useful for your business and/or your business contacts.
  • Realise that to grow as a business, first you must grow as a person and the easiest way to grow is to learn new ways of doing things want a new, kinder way of doing business.
  • Want to invest in yourself, your team and your business.

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