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3rd June 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
5.00 5.00
15% off for members

Emotional Freedom in Mind and Body

Hosted by Adriana Talaba
of Talking Therapy Wellbeing

Feeling out of your comfort zone?
Sore Aches and pain?
If this is worrying you, join us for an hour focused on the mind-body connection and how this relates to our emotions.
We offer practical tools so you can feel more at home in your body, in your mind, in your emotions and in your life.


  • interactive discussion about how the connection between mind, body and emotion works
  • practical self-help tools
  • a demonstration of Emotional Freedom Techniques therapy (EFT tapping) between the organiser and co-host, a great opportunity for you to see what it’s all about
  • you will also be supported to use EFT tapping as a self-help tool for yourself if you wish.

Both organiser and co-host are certified EFT practitioners

“I hope you love yourself enough to recognise the things you don’t like about your life and I hope you find the courage to change them.” Adriana Talaba
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Following booking, you will receive via email the Zoom link for connecting with us.
Looking forward to seeing you online!